How to Find Unrestricted Land for Sale?

How to Find Unrestricted Land for Sale?

In this video, Felicia talks about how to find unrestricted land for sale, and unrestricted land for sale owner financing. If you’re wondering how to determine if land is unrestricted, this video will help you understand how to find all that out.

From the video:

Are you trying to find unrestricted land for sale?

My name is Felicia I’m a land investor and a partner at Compass Land USA. 

We’ve bought and sold hundreds of properties across the US.

Today I’m going to talk about how to find unrestricted land for sale and unrestricted land for sale owner financing. We have a video on what unrestricted land is, and the most common types of restrictions, I’m not going to cover any of that here. If you’re interested in learning about that you can click here.

We get a lot of questions from people searching for unrestricted land for sale. This is land that has zero impositions or restrictions against any and all type of property uses.

You can literally do anything with it. Junkyard, homestead, livestock, camp and RV indefinitely, house, tiny house, whatever the heck you want. Land like this is pretty rare.

There are almost always some type of restrictions, either from the zoning classification, or deed and easement restrictions, maybe there’s an HOA, there’s normally something. When land is truly 100% unrestricted, it usually sells fast.

So how do you find unrestricted land for sale in Arizona and Florida? It’s a similar method for finding land for sale online and finding cheap land for sale.  But it’s going to require a bit of attention to detail, and you do have some responsibility here as the buyer to double-check that the land is actually unrestricted.

You want to start with land-specific sites and search areas. One good starting point is I’m going to use a county in Arizona as an example, because I know a lot of areas in Arizona have unrestricted, or very loosely restricted land.

So let’s go over to and we can use a search example of Mohave County Arizona, because I know a lot of people like land there. Let’s select Golden Valley, to narrow down the results. Pick one of these listings here. So, unfortunately, these websites won’t have anywhere an “Unrestricted Land” box, because then they’re liable for having told you that. Instead they’ll have these Land Type, Activities, Easements, Property Use, these other boxes that tell the story.

You’ll remember I said this requires some manual work. You have to go through all these categories and understand if you can use the property for what you’re hoping for. Or you could reach out to the seller here and ask them straight up “Is this property unrestricted?”.

But they’ll probably give you an answer like what I’m talking about here, where it’s rare to have 100% unrestricted, so it matters more that what you want to do with the property is allowed.

Honestly, this listing looks pretty good. Dirt road access, lots of activities, camping and off-roading included, you can have crops and livestock, different property types allowed, lots of proposed uses. So this looks like it’s pretty loosely restricted. Decent option to have here.

And it’s the same process by the way for unrestricted land for sale owner financing. A lot of land investors, like myself and our company, Compass Land USA, will offer owner financing on properties they sell. They’ll detail that out in the listing for you, so you see you have the option to owner finance here.

Let’s try another popular search site, We’ll search for Golden Valley, filter out to get only land for sale. Click on one of the newest listings here.

And it’s a similar process, we have to manually parse through the listing and pick out the restriction categories. So on Zillow, I’m looking for things like HOA, Road Type, and I would hope that the description talks about uses or zoning.

Unfortunately, oftentimes people don’t put that much effort into their Zillow listing. So you might end up having to call them directly. Not as clean as the land listing sites.

One word of caution with totally unrestricted land. If a property is being marketed as unrestricted, your red flag detector should go up. Just because they’re saying it, does not make it true.

Especially people selling on sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, because there’s no moderation or accountability there. It’s like buying something at a garage sale, right? It might not always work or there might be something off about it that you can’t tell right away.

So double-check, give the county a call to confirm, it will be worth your time, trust me. One more word of caution – if your property is unrestricted, then your neighbor’s probably is too. This means that there are no rules against them turning their property into a junkyard, or having a bunch of livestock. Or having any degree of pride or care at all about the look and maintenance of their property. This could severely impact the value of your property, and it would be totally out of your control. 

I hope you found this video helpful! If you made it this far, thank you so much for watching, and hopefully this gives you a good starting point on finding unrestricted land for sale.

Please don’t forget to leave a comment, let me know if this was useful for you, leave a question – I’ll reply with your answer. And make sure you subscribe to our channel. We do lots of informative land buying videos like this as well as pretty cool custom property tour videos. 

Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll talk to you soon. 🙂 

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