How to Find Land for Sale Online

How to find land for sale? Where to find land for sale? Where to find land for sale by owner? How do I find land to buy?

I want to share with you today different websites that you can visit to find specifically vacant land for sale. 

How to Find Land for Sale Online
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Ok so before we dive in I want to be clear on that I’m going to focus just on land selling websites.

There are websites like Redfin, Zillow, Loopnet and Trulia that are great for houses and sometimes even for land, but land is not their specialty. Those sites make it really difficult to get land only details, these sites were more built for housing listings.

I’m going to show you websites whose specialty it is to show land for sale. 
These are websites that professional land investors like myself use to get our properties in front of the right audience and see if we can help out people who are interested in buying land.

Most of us have our own websites as well, for example like mine, my website is, but it’s hard to get your website in front of people, so we pay to advertise on land selling sites. 

Find Land For Sale Near Me

I’m going to show you a couple of sites that are the most popular.

Let’s tackle the biggest one first. The network goliath owns Lands of America, Land and Farm, and LandWatch. These are the 3 most visited land listing websites, at the time of this recording.

On each of these sites, you can search specifically by state, price, and acreage. These websites have realtors and investors who post land for sale. 
Often in my experience, the real estate agents have pretty terrible listings on these sites, they can make it difficult to get all the details on the property because they want you to sign their documents so that they can help you search and get a commission out of you.

I don’t believe that this is the best way to go about doing business. I think you should be able to see all the property details upfront, before engaging in any sort of documentation.

So just be wary of the listings you’re looking at. A benefit for you buying land through an investor, like myself, is that you’re buying directly from the property owner, so there’s no commission or middle man fee.

Plus you can talk directly to the property owner, ask them all the questions that you have (if you’re not sure what questions to ask when buying land, make sure you check out this list), and visit the property whenever you want.

How to Find Land for Sale Online

Another great website to search for land for sale on is Rural Vacant Land. This is run by Luke Smith, he’s also got his own YouTube channel if you’re interested in checking that out. He does a lot of property tour videos, too – like the ones I have on my YouTube channel if you’ve seen them there. 

I’m pretty sure Luke’s website is only professional land investors, there might be a couple of real estate agents listing there, I can’t say for certain, but its vast majority is investors. 

You can search by location, property type, and contract – which is pretty much the status of the land. There are some great prices on really awesome properties on this website.

I list all of my properties on Luke’s site, so you’ll see some of Compass Land USA’s land for sale there, too. This is a good place to look if you don’t want to mess with realtors and agents you can check out Rural Vacant Land. 

Where to Find Land for Sale by Owner?

The last site I’m going to show you is Landmodo. Landmodo is still kind of new, it doesn’t have as much traffic right now as the behemoth or Rural Vacant Land, but it’s still a great spot to look for land for sale. 

Landmodo I’m pretty sure is only for professional investors, similar to Rural Vacant Land. I list my properties for sale on Landmodo as well. Landmodo might not look as pretty as some of the other websites, but it still gets the job done. 

You can search by state, county, price, acreage. One thing that’s really useful about Landmodo is that you can search by the owner (user). This feature was initially there, and then it was removed, and now it’s back. And I’m glad it’s back because I think this feature is great for land searchers because if you like the looks of one property, you might like to see what other properties an investor has for sale. 

So, there you go! Some websites where you can look for land for sale. I hope you found this useful. 

Before you go through and buy any land online, make sure you understand the types of property deeds that can be sued (and which ones you should use). You can see the different types of property deeds here.

If you have any questions about how to search these sites or need some help leave a comment below and I’ll reply with your answer. 

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      I don’t have anything put together, but the sites mentioned in this article would definitely be on my recommended list. If I had to make a list real quick, it would look something like this: RuralVacantLand, Landmodo, LandWatch, LandsofAmerica, LandCentury, LandAndFarm. Hope that helps!

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