How to Find Cheap Land for Sale Near Me in 2023

Where to Find Cheap Land for Sale - 2023 Update

In this video, Felicia talks about how to find cheap land for sale near me. If you’re looking for where to find cheap land and cheap land for sale near me by owner, this video will help you with your search and give you some of the best places to look!

From the video:

Are you looking for cheap land for sale? I am too, everyone loves a deal.

My name is Felicia I’m a land investor and a partner at Compass Land USA. 

We’ve bought and sold hundreds of properties across the US.

Today I’m going to share with you some secrets on how to find cheap land for sale in Florida and Arizona. You can do this easily from your phone or computer.

Something I want you to keep in mind before starting this process is the state matters. A piece of land in rural NY is probably going to be more expensive than a piece of land of similar acreage in AZ. State matters, just make sure you keep that in perspective when searching.

We’re going to cover a LOT of ground in this video, make sure you stick with me until the end because I bet the last method for finding cheap land for sale you won’t have ever thought of.

So a good starting place for you is specific land selling websites. That’s where you’re going to get great deals. There are many websites that have land for sale, but the ones where it’s kind of an afterthought and not the main focus, I wouldn’t waste my time with.

CoStar owns several of these such land-specific websites. They own LandWatch, Lands of America,, Land and Farm. They really have a stronghold on the space. I’m going to have links to all the sites mentioned in the description and in the blog post for this, so you don’t need to worry about rushing to write them all down.

Because they’re so popular, they’re going to have a wide variety of land for sale, from cheap to really expensive. So let’s walk through a site together.

Let’s say you’re searching for cheap land in Coconino County AZ. Let’s come over to Lands of America and search for our County. Add the filters you want, so we’re only getting vacant land.

And then you can sort the results, so let’s price low to high. So then you get the cheapest stuff at the top, on the first page. And you can apply this method to all of the CoStar websites.

To find cheap land for sale near me, you can use their mapping feature here, and you can move the map around to wherever you’re at. That’s a great feature, really helpful.

Another great resource to find cheap land for sale near me is craigslist. They’ve faced some big competition from Facebook Marketplace, and I’ll go through that in a minute. But they still have lots of cheap land for sale, and a lot of it, most of it, is cheap land for sale by owner.

So let’s go over to craigslist, and pick whatever area is closest to you, OR wherever you’re searching for land. So let’s use our same County, Coconino, which is nearest to Flagstaff.

Click on “real estate for sale”, then you can search “land for sale” and then you can filter your results.

Same thing here, you can sort price low to high, and they have a map you can use to find land for sale near me.

One thing I don’t like about finding land for sale on craigslist, and Facebook has this problem too, is that people will bait you with their prices. They’ll put the price per square foot or the down payment price so it comes up at the top and looks really cheap, like too good to be true.

And sometimes it is too good to be true, they’re just trying to get you to click on their ad – so make sure you read the details for full pricing info.

Another great option for finding cheap land for sale is Facebook Marketplace. So you log in to your Facebook account, set your location filter.

We’ll just keep the same example here. You can make this where you’re looking for land or near you. Then search “land for sale”.

You can sort by price low to high again, and you can actually set a cap on the price. So if I’m looking for the really cheap stuff, less than $5,000, I’ll put that number in here hit “Enter” on my keyboard, and it’ll automatically update the results.

One downside to Facebook Marketplace is that there’s no mapping function. So it’s harder to find cheap land for sale near me because you can’t move around on the map and see them all at once.

And as I mentioned with craigslist, Facebook also has price baiting. This has always annoyed me, I’m not sure if it bothers you guys as much. But like this ad here, the picture is great, but $75? I know that’s too good to be true, it’s harder to build up trust when you feel like you’re being baited, you know?

Just something for you to be aware of, make sure you read the description for the full price details because it’s definitely not $75 all in.

Another great resource for cheap land for sale is independent companies like ours, Compass Land USA. My husband Andrew and I run the business and we do our best to help people on any budget buy land. We do this with owner financing, which can be hard to get with a realtor or through a bank.

So that means each of our properties has a couple of owner financing plans for you to choose from, and we don’t do credit checks or charge prepayment penalties.

The last method, the one I’m sure most of you wouldn’t have thought of! Mail. Yes, you heard me correctly, sending mail directly to the property owner. So this best if you know exactly which property you want. Because then you can look up that exact property on the County’s online database, and mail the property owner to see if they’re willing to sell.

In Google, you can search for the County’s parcel search or mapping database. You can zoom in to the area you’re looking for land, to the exact property you want. Then click on it. You’ll see the owner’s information and mailing address.

This is all public record too, so you don’t need to feel bad about reaching out to someone. So you could craft a letter saying “Hey there, I like your land, I’d like to offer you $X for it. I’m interested, give me a call”. So this last method might not work as great if the owner isn’t looking to sell, that’s where those other websites might work better for you because they’re listing land that’s up for sale. But hey, if you know exactly which property you want, this is worth a shot, right? Doesn’t cost you much to send someone a letter.

I hope you found this video helpful! If you made it this far, thank you so much for watching, and for taking the time to educate yourself on how to find cheap property for sale.

So we talked about a bunch of different websites, and also direct mail.

Please don’t forget to leave a comment, let me know if this was useful for you, leave a question – I’ll reply with your answer. And make sure you subscribe to our channel. We do lots of informative land buying videos like this as well as pretty cool custom property tour videos. 

Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll talk to you soon. 🙂 

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