Colorado Land Buying Questions Video #4

Colorado Land Buying Questions | Q&A #4

In this video, Felicia answers a bunch of your Colorado land buying questions! See what questions get answered in video #4!

From the video:

Hi there I’m Felicia, co-founder and co-owner at Compass Land USA.

Today we are going to get a bunch of your Colorado land buying questions answered!

If you have questions for us about one of our videos, make sure you leave a comment! I want to keep this Q&A series going.

Q1: Land Far From Tornadoes

Ok so first up. A comment from Levon “I would love to buy land far from tornadoes, do you have any land far from tornado alley”.

Let’s all start on the same page, so tornado alley covers an area in the southern plains, this area has a lot of tornadoes. On the NCDC website here, we can see an image of area referred to as tornado alley.

From NDCD website

It dips into Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

So Levon, knowing this you can use this handy feature on our website,, scroll down and you’ll see this map.

This map has all of our current land for sale. You can see we don’t really invest in land in the tornado alley. So that’s good news for you.

You can zoom in and search specific areas, and move the map around as you wish.

Q2: Can I Have a Shooting Range on Colorado Property?

Let’s do another one. Andrew asked, “Can you set up a shooting range on the property?”. He asked this on one of our property tour videos for a lot in Costilla County.

So the answer to this is very property specific, just because you can do this on land in one part of a county, doesn’t mean you can do it on others.

The best way to quickly and easily get an answer to this is to call the county.

Andrew, the property you were asking about has already sold, but we can pull up another Costilla County property to use as an example.

So if you scroll past the pictures, videos, and map, you’ll get to the details section.

We have the county phone numbers listed for you right there. So you could call up the Costilla County Planning & Zoning Office at that number there, and ask them directly and they’ll be able to answer your question.

Obviously I can’t speak to every property, and say whether you can have a shooting range anywhere, so I hope that helps answer your question Andrew!

Q3: Engineered vs Conventional Septic Requirements

We’re going to squeeze one more in because it’s similar to Andrew’s. So Paisteplayer said, “You may also want to verify with county if the land will require an engineered septic vs conventional because the cost difference is extreme. Many Colorado counties require engineered systems.”.

More great advice. I’m not a waste management expert, and I definitely don’t know the specific requirements for every single county in Colorado.

For those that don’t know, a conventional septic system is typically installed at a single-family home. The waste is pumped out of the tank, into an underground trench with stone or gravel. These gravel/stone systems typically take up a lot of space.

An engineered septic system is often used when a conventional system can’t be installed. They often require additional pumps. As Paisteplayer pointed out, they’re more expensive than conventional systems to install, but also to maintain.

Again, the best way for you to get an answer on this is to call the county directly. Start with the Planning & Zoning Office, we have the number here on every listing for you and ask them. They’ll probably transfer you to a specific engineer within the office so you can talk to them about this.

Ok! So I hope you guys enjoyed that Colorado Q&A session number 4! I thought that was kind of fun and hopefully, Levon, Andrew, and Paisteplayer catch this video to see their questions get answered.

Alright if you have any questions, as always leave a comment, which means something more now that we have these Q&A series going. Give us a like and click that subscribe button so that you’re the first to know when a new property tour or land blog video comes out!

Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll talk to you soon.🙂

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