Colorado Land Buying Questions Video #3

Colorado Land Buying Questions | Q&A #3

In this video, Felicia answers a bunch of your Colorado land buying questions! See what questions get answered in video #3!

From the video:

Hi there I’m Felicia, co-founder and co-owner at Compass Land USA.

Today we are going to get a bunch of your Colorado land buying questions answered!

If you have questions for us about one of our videos, make sure you leave a comment! I want to keep this Q&A series going.

Q1: Unrestricted Land in Colorado

Ok so first up. A comment from Kaweka left on one of our Colorado property tour videos. Kaweka asks “Is it unrestricted?”.

So let’s define unrestricted land. This means that there are no restrictions on the land imposed by a homeowner or property owners association, deeds, easements, zoning, municipalities or cities, or any other entity.

And that was quite the list, right? That’s a lot of opportunity for obstacles and barriers on land use.  Honestly, totally, 100% unrestricted land is very rare.

Kaweka, I would suggest focusing on what are the dealbreakers for you. Are you looking to camp or mobile home on the property? Are you looking to bring in livestock? Do you want to build a house or bring in a tiny home? You don’t need 100% unrestricted land to achieve these things.

At Compass Land USA, we try to be as transparent as possible about all the restrictions that we’re aware of.

So for example, on this southern Colorado property.

If you scroll down to the details section, you’ll see the zoning, camping and RVing, utility info,  access, and an HOA field.

So those are the restrictions (or lack thereof) right there.  This tells you the utility situation, if you were hoping to build right away that would be important to know.

If you’re looking to camp or RV well, great news for you, you can do that on this property. You have gravel road access so now easement restrictions to be concerned about.

And then you see the HOA field, so this property is in an HOA, we give the name and the annual dues, so you could contact them to find out about any restrictions they impose, if any, on the property.

The Forbes Park HOA is pretty good, I think they have a limit on how many days in a row you can camp and RV without a permit, it might be 21 days. But other than that no serious impositions that I’m aware of.

We also include the County’s Planning and Zoning department phone number in our listings so that you can easily contact them if you have any other questions about zoning restrictions.

I’ll bring up another example property here because I know this area of southern Colorado is a little different.

So if we scroll down to the details here, you’ll see that for this property, there are restrictions against camping and RVing, those aren’t allowed on this property. You’ll also see that there is no HOA for this property.

Every property will be slightly different, that’s why it’s important to go through the details and understand restrictions and allowed uses and make sure they align with what you want to do with the property. So that’s a great question Kaweka 🙂 . Thank you for asking.

Q2: Is the Colorado Land Close to Town?

Let’s do one more. Frank had a similar question to Kaweka. Frank asked “Is this close to town? What kind of restrictions are there?” on one of our Colorado property tour videos.

So Frank we’ve already looked at your second question.

For the first question “Is this close to town?”.

So for our property tour videos, you’ll notice that we do a presentation of sorts, and share some information about the area. Typically in those images, you’ll get information on the closest city or town, and what amenities and resources they offer you. This is a great resource for you to use to understand what’s in the area.

We share this on each website listing as well, so we still have this listing open, we’ll use it as an example.

So at the top of the listing, you have all these beautiful property pictures. If you keep scrolling past the property pictures, you’ll be able to access those images here as well.

For this property, it’s in Colorado City, so we have a bunch of information about Colorado City, what’s nearby: hunting, parks, groceries, banks, etc. We also give information on the next closest city, Pueblo.

Another resource you could use is the map. So if you’re wondering where this property is, and what towns are nearby, scroll down on the listing to the map. Click on “View larger map”.

This will open it up in Google Maps, and then you can manipulate it a bit more and see where it’s at. A cool trick for Google Maps is that you can measure the distance to towns and cities, etc.

If you right-click and select Measure Distance, you can see it’s 22.78 miles south of Pueblo. You can also click the Directions button here to get directions from an exact address.

I know this video is running long, but I’m going to squeeze 1 more question in here, because it’s a quickie.

Q3: Does the Colorado Property have Legal Access?

So Miguel asked “Does this property have legal access road?” about one of our Colorado property tour videos.

So I do show all the details in the property tour videos, you can skip ahead to catch that part of the video. And we share that in the details section of our website listings. So under Details you’ll see a section called access.

This will tell you exactly what kind of access there is to the property. And we only put legal access on here, we wouldn’t give you an illegal option for accessing the property.

For this property, it’s legally accessed by an easement.

For the other example property that we have open, it looks like the property is legally accessed by a gravel road.

So, Miguel, that’s how you can determine what kind of access is available for our properties.

Ok! So I hope you guys enjoyed that Colorado Q&A session number 3! I thought that was kind of fun and hopefully Kaweka, Frank, and Miguel catch this video to see their questions get answered.

Alright if you have any questions, as always leave a comment, which means something more now that we have these Q&A series going. Give us a like and click that subscribe button so that you’re the first to know when a new property tour or land blog video comes out!

Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll talk to you soon.🙂

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