How to Buy Land With Very Little Money

How Do You Buy Land? Do You Need to Get Approved for a Mortgage? What if I Don’t Have a lot of Cash?

Have you dreamed about buying land, but didn’t think you could afford it? It’s not as expensive as you might think. In some cases, you can get properties for little or no down payment! This short post will explain how you can buy land and grow your portfolio, no matter your budget.


We previously shared an article on how to buy land, focusing on using cash. That’s fine if you have the money, but what if you don’t? Well the good news is it’s still really easy to buy land with very little money.

If you don’t want to pay cash upfront for a property, you can Owner Finance it.

This process is way easier than getting a mortgage on a house or financing a car. When you owner finance a property with a company like ours, Compass Land, we don’t do credit checks or charge interest, and there’s no prepayment penalty. So everyone is automatically approved, and that’s one less step you need to worry about.

Similar to paying for a property with cash, we will create all the paperwork for you. In this case, it’s just 3 documents: a Promissory Note, Land Sale Contract, and Contract for Deed. These documents make sure that you as the buyer are rightfully given ownership of the property once payments are completed. The three documents will also describe the exact property that you’re paying for, what your monthly payments will be, property taxes, monthly note fees and other details.

You can see example documents on our website, at this link (scroll towards the bottom and click the ‘Sample Documents’ button - you can get the password by emailing or calling us!)

Another beautiful feature of owner financing is that we, Compass Land, can be flexible with down and monthly payments. Because we finance all our own properties, we can be really flexible with the monthly payments and down payment, and customize them to meet your unique budget.

A side note: We also have a Compass Land VIP Club, where we put on weekly deals for our properties. You can sign up on at the bottom of this page to get access to deals like $1 down, $50 down no doc fee, and other discounts!

Once the property has been paid off, we deed you the title, usually with a Warranty Deed. A Warranty Deed is what actually conveys the property ownership from me as the seller to you as the buyer. There are a few different types of deeds that can be used in land sales, and if you’re interested in that, I have a separate post and accompanying video explaining the different types of deeds you can watch - '5 Types of Property Deeds for Successful Land Investing'

So after the property is paid for, I’ll get the deed notarized, and file it with the county. Once the county files the deed, they’ll assign it a book and page number, so that we can look it up on their online database or in the recorder’s office. We’ll send you a copy of that deed as soon as it’s recorded, so you have proof of ownership.

I hope this explains and kind of shows how easy it is to buy land on any budget, without worrying about how you’re going to get approved by a realtor or broker.

At Compass Land we make it super easy for anyone to buy land. Everyone is automatically approved, no matter your job, where you live, it doesn’t matter.

Once you found a property you want, you and I create a down payment and monthly payment plan that you’re comfortable with. I create the 3 documents and send them to you online for easy 1-click signing, and then I record and file all the paperwork with the county, and pay the fees associated with that. Keeping land ownership neat and easy!

If you have any questions about the process of buying land leave a comment below to chat with me! I’d be happy to go over this process with you and address any questions you have. I look forward to hearing from you!