4 Resources You Can Use to Find Farm and Land Investments in Colorado

4 Resources You Can Use to Find Farm and Land Investments in Colorado

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If you want to invest in vacant land or agricultural land, the first step is FINDING the investment! In this blog post, you’ll read about 4 resources you can use to find farm and land investments in Colorado.

One question we’re asked all the time is, “Compass Land USA, we want to find vacant land, raw land, undeveloped land, and agricultural land… but we’re not sure where to start looking!”

Great question! When it comes to residential properties, it seems like you can always find listings – there are so many websites out there that specialize in this. Like the MLS, realtor.com, Zillow, and Redfin to name a few. But with vacant land, it’s a little harder.

So we like these 4 resources you can use to find farm and land investments in Colorado…

4 Resources You Can Use To Find Farm And Land Investments In Colorado

Resource #1. Word Of Mouth

One great but often overlooked resource is simply word of mouth.

Reach out to your network – at work, among your friends and family, and on social media, your hairdresser – and ask them if anyone knows of any available vacant land or farm land for sale.

They say that everyone knows 200 people, so if you ask 200 people and you’ll be sourcing from tens of thousands of people… and someone probably knows of a piece of land for sale!

Or at least knows of a really great source where you can find Colorado land for sale.

Resource #2. Internet

The internet is a powerful place with a lot of information at your fingertips. There may or may not be a specific website dedicated to the kind of land you want in the specific Colorado area you’re looking, but if you search “vacant land in Colorado” or “investment land in Colorado” or “farm land for purchase in Colorado” you will find pages of results on Google.

I know that in itself can feel a bit overwhelming. So here’s a couple of options for you to start with:

  • Land.com – this goliath owns Lands of America, Land and Farm, and LandWatch. These are the 3 most visited land listing websites, at the time of this recording. On each of these Land.com sites, you can search specifically by state, price, and acreage. These websites have realtors and investors who post land for sale. Often in my experience, the real estate agents have pretty terrible listings on these sites, they can make it difficult to get all the details on the property because they want you to sign their documents so that they can help you search and get a commission out of you. Something to be aware of there.
  •  Rural Vacant Land – This is run by Luke Smith, he’s also got his own YouTube channel if you’re interested in checking that out. I’m pretty sure Luke’s website is only for professional land investors, there might be a couple of real estate agents listing there, I can’t say for certain, but its vast majority is investors. You can search by location, property type, and contract – which is pretty much the status of the land. There are some great prices on really awesome properties on this website.
  • Landmodo – Landmodo is still kind of new, it doesn’t have as much traffic right now as the other guys, but it’s still a great spot to look for land for sale, especially if you’re looking to owner finance your Colorado property. I’m pretty sure it’s only for professional investors. You can search by state, county, price, acreage. One thing that’s really useful about Landmodo is that you can search by the owner (user). This feature was initially there, and then it was removed, and now it’s back. And I’m glad it’s back because I think this feature is great for land searchers because if you like the looks of one property, you might like to see what other properties an investor has for sale. 

Resource #3. Real Estate Agent

Ask your local real estate agent if they’re aware of any vacant land for sale. If they don’t know of any right away, they’ll have access to a network of agents who can probably source the land for you.

And they’ll have access to the MLS which will bring up a whole bunch of inventory in your area. (Just be aware, though, that you may have to pay more for this land because of the agent’s help, versus any land you find on your own – ask about the commissions and extra costs before you commit to buying through an agent.)

Resource #4. Compass Land USA!

Yes, you can always reach out to us here at Compass Land USA! We work with many buyers and sellers all over Colorado and we always have a constantly refreshed inventory of land investment opportunities that buyers like you are investing in. So get in touch with us at (313) 349-0434 and we’d be happy to show you what properties are available.


Investors have no problem finding residential and housing investments but vacant land investments and farm land investments can be a little more difficult to find. That’s why we like these 4 resources you can use to find farm and land investments in Colorado.

Want to see what vacant land investment opportunities are available in Colorado? Click here or call our team at (313) 349-0434

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