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At Compass Land USA we would love to help you find your perfect piece of Apache County land for sale. If you want to check out a property in person or have any questions about a property, Call Us! You can see our Apache County listings below.

We are your #1 resource for great deals on land for sale in Apache County Arizona, including land for sale in Apache Junction and land for sale in Saint Johns (or land for sale in St Johns AZ – depending on where you’re from!).

Apache County is located in the northeastern corner of Arizona. It’s got beautiful, rugged landscapes for you to explore. You can explore by mountain bike, dirt bike, horseback, or walking. You can check out Canyon de Chelly National Monument and Spider Rock, or Petrified Forest National Park. If it’s wintertime and there’s some snow on the ground, you can ski at Sunrise Park Resort.

You can use large acreage Apache County land for sale for your own private RV or campsite, or to live off the grid, to homestead, or for your mobile home. Whatever you want to do with your Arizona land for sale, we can help you! Give us a call and explain your unique situation. We will help you find the perfect piece of Apache County land for sale for you. We know buying land can feel like a confusing process. We will explain our easy and safe purchasing process to you, as well as our Guarantee.


If you’re looking for Apache County Arizona land for sale, Apache Junction land for sale, or Saint Johns land for sale, check out the currently available properties in and around Apache County Arizona below. You could also fill out the short form below to get access to our listings before they go on the market.

If you want to learn more about Apache County, some of the game and fish you can expect to hunt, and nearby parks and activities, you can click here.


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You Can Buy Apache County Land for Sale By Owner

Here’s what you can expect when buying Apache County Arizona land for sale by owner, Compass Land USA:

  • We are the actual property owners and have all the property details you need
  • Ditch expensive high-interest loans with owner financing terms you can easily afford
  • No expensive prepayment penalties, so you can take ownership of your land early


When the property that I had put a deposit on turned out not to be exactly what I needed (my fault, not theirs) they immediately refunded every penny and are helping me find exactly what I’m looking for.

— Corbett Brown, Colorado Land Buyer

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Hello from Andrew and Felicia at Compass Land USA! We are professional land investors, not realtors. We keep land affordable for you by removing the middle man – no agents!

Your land transaction is completed fast with our simple purchasing process. Your personal information is kept safe with a secure checkout system.


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Apache County Land for Sale

You can see Apache County Arizona Land for sale listings under the map below. Compass Land USA has land for sale in Apache County Arizona that you could use for a campsite, homestead, off-grid living, for your mobile home, or a cabin. You could also use your Apache County Arizona land for sale as a base for your mountain biking and hunting.

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