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Easy to Owner Finance Pueblo Colorado Land

Compass Land USA is your #1 resource for rural, vacant and undeveloped land in Pueblo County. Our goal is to help you buy Pueblo CO land for sale that you love and is within your budget.

You don’t need to wait on a realtor to show you property. You can visit our properties at a time that works for you.

You don’t need to apply for a bank loan, because all of our properties can be owner financed. You can safely buy land in Pueblo Colorado with no credit check, no commissions, and with no proof of income!

You don’t need to worry about recording documents with the Pueblo County clerk and recorder office or making sure property taxes are paid with the Pueblo County treasurer office - we take care of this for you. We cover all closing costs.


Are you looking to solve any of these land buying problems?

  • Not sure how to buy land in Pueblo Colorado?

  • Nervous about buying land online?

  • A first-time Pueblo Colorado land buyer?

  • Have a bad credit score?

That’s a list of just a few of the tough situations that we can help you with. When you call us, you will be able to explain your unique circumstance, and why you want to buy land in Pueblo Colorado.

We will explain how to buy land in Pueblo CO, and how our 105% 90-day money back guarantee works. We make sure this process is stress-free and simple, so you can feel fantastic about becoming a Colorado landowner!

Some of our SOLD Pueblo Colorado Properties

Robinson St., Colorado City, CO 81069

Leland Heights, Colorado City, CO 81004

Grape Creek Dr, Colorado City CO 81019

Professional and no problems that you would usually encounter purchasing land. I checked the land to the state and county parcels and all was in order. The method Compass Land uses to secure payment and documents so that you have no fear of being done wrong is outstanding and I wish more businesses would use these standards.
— David Reynolds, Colorado Land Buyer

90 Second Message from Compass Land USA Co-Founders

We are professional land investors. We keep land affordable for you by removing the middle man - no agents!

Your land transaction is completed fast with our simple purchasing process. Your personal information is kept safe with a secure checkout system.

How to Buy Land in Pueblo CO with Compass Land USA

Are You Searching for Land for Sale in Pueblo Colorado? At Compass Land USA, we have helped dozens of people like you, who were thinking “How do I buy land in Pueblo?”. We were able to help them with our safe and simple purchasing process.

All of our land for sale can be owner financed. This makes it easy for you to buy land, even with a low down payment. Make sure you talk to us about owner financing Pueblo CO land before you look for land for sale elsewhere.

We’ve helped people like you buy land when they thought they would never be able to afford it. You won’t be disappointed!


We send you a Land Sale Contract for your review. We also sign, and everyone is automatically sent a completed signed copy.


Then, the agreed purchase price and Documentation Fee is securely submitted with a debit or credit card.


Next, we sill notarize your deed - and send you proof it’s been done! We will record the deed with the county and mail you the original.


Where to Buy Land in Pueblo Colorado

Here are the zip codes that cover Pueblo:

  • Land in Pueblo 81001

  • Land in Pueblo 81003

  • Land in Pueblo 81004

  • Land in Pueblo 81005

  • Land in Pueblo 81006

  • Land in Pueblo 81007

  • Land in Pueblo 81025

  • Land in Pueblo West 81007

    Click here to see a map of zip codes in Pueblo County

When the property that I had put a deposit on turned out not to be exactly what I needed (my fault, not theirs) they immediately refunded every penny and are helping me find exactly what I’m looking for.
— Corbett Brown, Colorado Land Buyer

Why People Choose to Buy Land in Pueblo Colorado with Compass Land USA

  • We offer land for sale in Pueblo County by owner financing, no proof of income or prepayment penalties

  • We would never pressure you to buy land

  • We offer Pueblo land for sale no credit check

  • We handle all the stressful paperwork and recording with Pueblo County for you

  • All our Pueblo CO land is for sale by owner

  • We can work with you to create a custom owner finance payment plan

  • No Commissions. No Hassles. No Waiting.

  • No middle man and no realtors with large commissions that you would normally be stuck paying

  • If you’re buying a property with cash it can be yours in less than a week - we close FAST!

Are You Looking for Pueblo Land for Sale?

Looking for land in Pueblo that you can put a house or manufactured home on, or use as an investment? Compass Land USA is Your #1 Resource for Great Deals on Cheap Land in Pueblo Colorado!

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What You Can Use Pueblo CO Land For

Here are some ways you can use land for sale in Pueblo:

  • Manufactured/Modular home

  • Tiny home

  • Residential

  • Investment

  • Camping only in specific areas

  • RV only in specific areas

You can find the Pueblo County land use regulations here. If you are interested, here, you can find the Pueblo County future land use map.

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