105% 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Compass Land USA Satisfaction Guaranteed! We want you to be completely happy with your land purchase, so all our properties come with a satisfaction guarantee. Our mission at Compass Land USA is to help you easily and safely become a land owner.

If you decide you want another property in our inventory within 90 days, we will move your prior payments to that new property. If, within 90 days of signing, you aren’t satisfied with your property purchase, let us know.

We will refund you all money paid for your property, AND apply 5% of the value of your purchase (or $100 - whichever is less), as a credit to your next land purchase with us.

No risk! Satisfaction guaranteed!


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Felicia Cristofaro and Andrew Gaasenbeek started Compass Land USA to help you easily and safely buy quality land at prices you can afford.